My blog and I have become estranged

Ive started to write a book.... by lo83

I've started to write a book.... by lo83

Poor blog. so neglected. I’ve been thinking a lot about why I have not been writing as much. It’s not just the blog- most of my online presences have died down. Part of it, I’m sure, has to do with busyness. Although I am taking one less class this semester than last spring, the classes I am taking (copyright and programming) are more intensive.

Busyness isn’t the only factor, though. I’m afraid I have been suffering from a disorganized mind lately, which makes it difficult to write in any cohesive fashion. Why is this true now rather than previous semesters? I have some ideas:

One is that my classes this semester have less to do with each other. They also have a little less to do with librarianship in general- in fact, my programming class isn’t a library class at all- I’m taking it through the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Sure there are ideas that tie these two things together, but in past semesters I’ve been able to find recurring themes between classes easier.

Another reason might be that as I am nearing the end of my school career, and therefore the beginning of my job searching, I am questioning what it is I want to do with my degree. Near the beginning of school, I could get caught up in theory without having to think about the practical application of what I was learning in a job. There was always that subtext, of course, but there was no one job to pin it to.

Speaking of job searches, I’ve been reticent to talk too much about the job search process on the blog. I’m not sure why this is. I have benefited greatly from other new librarian’s frank discussions of job possibilities and offers on their blogs. I suppose it feels a bit too personal.

My home life has been weird lately. Applying for jobs in various parts of the country have led me and my husband to confront the very real possibility that we may have to move soon. This has prompted us to start fixing all the things around the house we’ve put off- and when you start compiling lists of all the things you need to do to sell a house, the list gets scary fast. I worry that when the time comes, we won’t be able to sell our house, or that we will have to do so at a loss. (there are several mitigating factors for this) There have also been several conversations between me and my husband about where we want to live, where we could see ourselves being happy. The truth is, Lincoln has been pretty good to us- but I’m just not sure what kinds of opportunities I’ll have here. I’m not sure where that leaves us.

I miss writing here. I miss expressing thoughts that may not have an application to my current job, but that I find interesting nonetheless. The topics may change- as always, my writing will likely be related to my classes, so you’ll probably see stuff about programming and copyright. This space is still reserved for library related things- however tangentially – and you can find other thoughts on my personal blog,

Thanks to everyone who still subscribes and reads my thoughts. I am constantly humbled by the fact that people actually want to read what I write. I hope I can continue to be as interesting as people have found me in the past. :)

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2 Responses to My blog and I have become estranged

  1. Heather says:

    Sounds like a scary and exciting time! Good luck with all your upcoming changes and decisions. You’ll do fine.

  2. Mark says:

    I seem to be in the same boat with my blog and the reticence to talk about the job search. I do have a lot of things to say about the profession and my job but, unfortunately, it seems it would be “unprofessional” to do so.

    Never mind that these are immensely important topics that are just ignored in the larger discussions. Our field can be so ostrich-like and passive-aggressive at the same time by what it considers to be professional conversation. Ah well.

    Best of luck with everything. Luckily for me I really only have myself to worry about. Except for it isn’t that simple. Is it ever?