Update – Zotero, school, life, etc.

I know, I’m not posting as much. The change in seasons always throws me a bit out of whack, plus I’ve been dealing with one small thing after another with the house, etc.

I’ve been busy with school – I need to work on my time management skills. One class is hard enough, but I want to take 2-3 classes at a time so I can graduate in about 2 years (from May). Doing this while working full time will present a challenge.

Time management is a problem because there’s so much else that needs to get done- and so much else I want to get done. Geoff put together a new computer recently, which has freed up his old computer to act as a video server. I installed Ubuntu Linux on it, which was surprisingly easy. I would like to delve further into Linux. Development has gotten to the point that I can almost ditch Windows entirely- unfortunately, there are still a few applications I need that are Windows only. I’d like to add a dual boot to my computer for the next version of Ubuntu so I can play with it some more. One of the major features I like about Linux (I’m using the gnome interface) is the multiple workspace feature. You have 4 different work spaces, and can have windows open in each – it’s a great way to separate out projects. I’m sure Windows and/ or Apple will be stealing (oops, I mean borrowing) the idea soon.See a screen shot of the Ubuntu Desktop here

I’m in this weird limbo – I don’t really know much about a lot of computer stuff, but I know enough that other people seem to think I know a lot more than I do. There’s still this perception that you have to be a computer whiz to use Linux- but there are several versions out there for which that is not the case. The main thing I have going for me is my willingness to jump in there and try new things- because I’ve learned that the only way I can really figure out things like this is just to do it, and probably screw up multiple times along the way.

Other than computer and school stuff, it feels like I am forever cleaning but never getting anything clean and constantly fixing things in the house that just break again. Sigh.

We have two kittens and a mama cat living in our backyard. Geoff bought some sleeping bags at Goodwill and used our animal cage to set up a warm bed for them since it’s getting below freezing at night. He’s also been feeding them. It almost feels like we have three more cats, except they won’t let us come near them.

I’m not sure what to do. I don’t think the Cat House (the only no kill shelter I know about) could take them (they’re always full to capacity), and we certainly can’t take in 3 more cats, but I don’t want to leave them outside all winter.


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One Response to Update – Zotero, school, life, etc.

  1. Connie says:

    You should build some type of makeshift shelter for them, even if it’s just a cardboard box.