Thank you thank you!

4 days left in the blogging scholarship competition, and it looks like I don’t have a prayer. It doesn’t really bother me- as they say, it’s an honor just to be chosen, and hey, I’m in the top half. Make that #10- vote if you haven’t ‘cuz I’d like to finish in the top half. Thanks to Jenny at the Shifted Librarian, John at (now at, Lynn at Hypothetically Speaking, and Diane at Library Cloud for mentioning me in their blogs. Sorry if I missed anyone!

My subscription rates are up because of this competition (hi new readers! Sorry I’ve been slow lately) and lots of people have emailed to congratulate me, which makes me feel all warm and fuzzy.

I’ve been incredibly busy. And it’s not that I’m just busy in one area- that would be OK. No, work, school, and home life have all gotten busy at the same time. At work, I’ve been asked to work on a few new projects- I’ve been helping get the National Digital Newspaper Program started, I’ve been asked to design a couple of sites (which I can’t link to yet), I’ve been helping with some grant stuff, and of course, there’s still the meeting setting and note taking.

Desktop wall switcher in Gutsy GibbonI somehow expected that taking three classes would be just as easy as taking two classes. Nope. Three classes is enough to qualify me as a full time grad student (I just wanna get DONE) so I’m busy. Most evenings are spent doing homework or fixing the house or one of my computers.

It seems like every time we fix something in the house something else breaks. I guess that’s the way it is with a 100 year old house. As for the computer, that’s my fault. I just HAD to upgrade to Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon the day it came out, and I fell in love with the desktop effects. Then I realized I needed more memory. So I found a great deal, and now have 3 gigs of RAM. Unfortunately, my mysterious black window problem wasn’t caused by a lack of RAM but a lack of video memory- or a faulty nVidia driver, depending on who you ask. I’ll have to make sure I have the latest driver. I can still do lots of pretty video effect, and I’m loving the desktop wall feature. I’ll stop making fun of Vista for all the memory hogging video effects now.

The weather has been beautiful lately. My house, despite the problems, is wonderful. Life is good.

Our house with pretty shadows

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One Response to Thank you thank you!

  1. Gene says:

    I know how you feel concerning the house. Ours is 80-some years old and we’ve done a ton of stuff. And yet we’ve barely scratched the surface. Good luck!