A few sunsets from 2013. I’ve tried to arrange my evening walks with Oogie so I could be somewhere with a good view at sunset, but I didn’t usually succeed. This was taken out the car window on the way back from Omaha while over the Platte River. This one was taken by the Arena.

WordPress or Drupal

When I was creating this new site, I debated quite a bit about whether I would use WordPress or Drupal. If you’d asked me 6 months ago, I would have immediately said “WordPress, duh!” but since then I have used Drupal for a project and was pretty surprised at how flexible it is. There are […]

New year, new site, new content

I’ve been feeling a bit dragged down by my website for a while now. I actually had three websites: (formerly for my artwork, (formerly for my random home and non work related writings, and for… mostly work related stuff. When I was in school, I used to blather on […]