Standing Desk

Wanting a standing desk still seems so strange to me. I worked years in retail, when sitting was strictly verboten and I would stand for 8-10 hour stretches at a time. I certainly don’t want to go back to those days, but I had been finding that after sitting all day I was tired and […]

2014 goals update

I have been making some progress on some of my goals and none at all on others. In general, it seems like it is easier to follow a goal if it is of the “do x y times a week/month” rather than “do x y times a year,” so I have converted more of my […]

Bobcat visit!

For Geoff’s birthday I adopted the Lincoln Children’s Zoo’s new bobcat kitten for him. This included a zookeeper visit with the Zoo’s new bobcat, Apollo, and it was awesome. Geoff got to play with the kitten with a cat toy and got bap’d on the head. Definitely an experience I recommend. You can find the […]