Donation Gift List

My families ask for a gift list each year and this year especially I’m having a hard time coming up with things. So I wrote this, and we’ll see how it goes. I’m posting here as a possible model for others who really aren’t into receiving gifts. In the past I’ve met resistance because “there will […]

2014 goals update

I have been making some progress on some of my goals and none at all on others. In general, it seems like it is easier to follow a goal if it is of the “do x y times a week/month” rather than “do x y times a year,” so I have converted more of my […]

Bobcat visit!

For Geoff’s birthday I adopted the Lincoln Children’s Zoo’s new bobcat kitten for him. This included a zookeeper visit with the Zoo’s new bobcat, Apollo, and it was awesome. Geoff got to play with the kitten with a cat toy and got bap’d on the head. Definitely an experience I recommend. You can find the […]

Things to do in 2014

I am no good at keeping resolutions, but I like the idea of having some kind of goals to aspire to. Inspired by the blog post (2013) 52 Things in 52 Weeks and the 2014 edition, here are some things I will try to do. I will be pretty happy if I complete half this list! […]


I can’t stop taking pictures of the sky, even though there are already a gazillion pictures out there. I won’t let that stop me in the future, either.


A few sunsets from 2013. I’ve tried to arrange my evening walks with Oogie so I could be somewhere with a good view at sunset, but I didn’t usually succeed. This was taken out the car window on the way back from Omaha while over the Platte River. This one was taken by the Arena.