2014 goals update

I have been making some progress on some of my goals and none at all on others.

In general, it seems like it is easier to follow a goal if it is of the “do x y times a week/month” rather than “do x y times a year,” so I have converted more of my goals to the former, with the exception of “get rid of one thing a day.” I do better getting rid of things in bursts, so I changed that one to “get rid of 365 things.” I downloaded an iphone app called Habit List to help with tracking. I don’t like everything about it, but it is good for quick reminders about my weekly/monthly/daily goals.

I also changed my goal “walk oogie 3 miles once per week” to “walk oogie 2 miles a day at least 3x a week” – both he and I feel better if we get regular walks in. In the winter this is harder because of the cold, but 3x a week is usually manageable. Some of the other goals I didn’t make I at least made more progress towards: I didn’t do pullups or stretching 4x a week except for one week, but I have done them 2x a week or greater every week.

I need to get a jump on the cooking goals because once it is nice out I hope to be doing many more of the outside goals.  I am doing well with the book reading (a common winter activity) so at least there is that. I have been reading so much I cancelled netflix.

I like this scattershot approach to goals, so far. When I am feeling unmotivated I can look back at what I was hoping to accomplish, and it can jumpstart me into making some small progress towards something.


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