Things to do in 2014

I am no good at keeping resolutions, but I like the idea of having some kind of goals to aspire to. Inspired by the blog post (2013) 52 Things in 52 Weeks and the 2014 edition, here are some things I will try to do. I will be pretty happy if I complete half this list!

Places to try:

  • Fontenelle Forest ($$$)
  • Bike path/bridge in Omaha
  • Frank Shoemaker Prairie
  • Southern part of wilderness
  • Platte River State Park
  • Wagon train
  • Stagecoach
  • Bluestem
  • Olive Creek
  • Blue River
  • Conestoga
  • Pawnee Lake
  • Branched Oak lake
  • Schram
  • Louisville SRA
  • Two Rivers SRA
  • Holmes Lake
  • Oak Lake
  • Swanson Park, Bellevue


  1. Take oogie swimming at least 10 places (waiting for warmer weather)
  2. Ride bike at least 10 places (waiting for warmer weather)
  3. One bike ride at least 20 miles (waiting for warmer weather)
  4. Go for hike at least 10 places (waiting for warmer weather)
  5. One hike at least 8 miles (waiting for warmer weather)
  6. At least 10 pullups a day, at least 4x a week. Work up to 20 pullups in one go (1/52)
  7. Stretching 4x a week (1/52)
  8. 1 long walk (3+ miles) with oogie per week (3/52) Changed to: walk 2 miles with oogie in a day 3x a week.
  9. Dance 1x per week (2/52)

Here’s a map of some of the places mentioned


  1. Cook 12 new meals Changed to: Cook 1 new meal a month (1/12)
  2. Try 6 new foods, incorporate into meals
  3. Grow and eat 15 things
  4. Cook an actual meal at home at least 1x a week (4/52)
  5. Bake a sandwich bread
  6. Try at least 3 new ethnic foods


  1. 12 new completed artworks. Give each one away if possible
  2. Draw outside
  3. 12 life blog posts 1 per month (1/12)
  4. 12 tech blog posts 1 per month (1/12)
  5. 12 art blog posts 1 per month (1/12)
  6. Journaling at least once a week (1/52)
  7. Learn to sew
  8. Sew at least one garment from scratch. Scarves don’t count.

Around the house

  1. Hang picture rail in kitchen
  2. Fix holes in garage
  3. Learn to use shop smith
  4. Find one thing to get rid of a day Changed to: Get rid of 365 things in a year
  5. Meditate 1x a day for a week


  1. Mail thank you letters DONE
  2. Mail new years cards
  3. Send postcards DONE
  4. Have people over for dinner twice
  5. Have a party Planned
  6. Host an art event of some kind
  7. Go to a social event where I don’t know anyone (or very few people)


  1. Create a wordpress theme from scratch and release it into the wild (probably on github)
  2. Finish G’s site
  3. Make a commit to an open source project
  4. Build website for work using solr + something other than cocoon
  5. Use SASS on at least one project from start to end
  6. Create portfolio of work


  1. Learn about macro photography Started
  2. Practice macro photography Started
  3. Photograph 10 new places Changed to: Photograph 1 new place a month
  4. Photograph a person
  5. Run a gaming campaign (Marvel, Dresden, or other)
  6. Start guitar lessons


  1. Teach Oogie 6 new tricks (1/6)
  2. Document all of Oogie’s tricks
  3. Read 40 books (6/40)
  4. Go an entire day without complaining (doesn’t sound like a lot but it’s a start!)
  5. Pay off half of remaining mortgage