Moving from Evernote to Google Drive

I couldn’t find an easy explanation for exporting Evernote notes (not attachments) into Google Drive, so I’m writing up the process I used. This is pretty quick and dirty and isn’t perfect, but worked for what I needed.

1: export evernote files

You need the desktop app for this. I went notebook by notebook (I didn’t have too many) but if you don’t need to keep the organization, you can do them all at once. you can choose individual notes or the entire notebook and choose “export as…”

Export the notes in HTML format.

2: Convert notes to docx

To do this, I used pandoc on the command line, installed via homebrew (brew install pandoc). If this sounds like gibberish, there is a pandoc GUI available called panconvert, but I can’t give any info on how to use it.

The command I used to convert the files was:

find . -name \*.html -type f -exec pandoc -o {}.docx {} \;

3: Upload to Google Drive

First, you’ll need to check the “Convert uploaded files to Google Docs editor format” in the google drive settings. You can uncheck this when you are done.

I replicated the folder structure I wanted in google drive, then I dragged the docx files created in the previous steps into the folders. Google Drive seemed to freeze if I copied too many files over though, so I dragged a few over at a time (no more than 90 or so).

That’s it! If I find a better solution for notes in the future, I may download the files from Google Drive and use pandoc to convert to something else. For now this seems to work OK.

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