Donation Gift List

My families ask for a gift list each year and this year especially I’m having a hard time coming up with things. So I wrote this, and we’ll see how it goes. I’m posting here as a possible model for others who really aren’t into receiving gifts. In the past I’ve met resistance because “there will […]

Making and Money

Geoff and I attended the #MakerMonday event, part of Lincoln Startup Week. It was a great event, with talks by Marc Kornbluh, Lincoln Hot Glass Studios & High Volume Oxygen; Vishal Sing, Quantified Ag; Jennifer Rosenblatt, Argyle Octopus & MusicSpoke; and Chris Hughes, Artifact Bag Co. The day started with self guided tours of Nebraska Innovation Studio. One statement […]

Artifact Conference: Brief Notes

Below are my sketchy notes of things I wanted to remember from Artifact Conference, which I just attended in Austin Texas. Beware: these are barely proofread and are mostly for myself. Welcome to Artifact Jennifer Robbins Then and now: silos -> integrated teams wireframes -> early prototypes collection of pages -> system of components photoshop […]

Why Women in Tech?

There has been a lot of discussion lately about women in tech groups. To start with, a quick roundup: Rebecca Stavick’s Post Ladies only? No thanks and the follow-up OMG. Someone read my blog. Coral Sheldon-Hess’s followup In defense of Women in Tech (WiT) groups which was then cross posted on This post links to […]