Karin Dalziel (@nirak) Links


I work at The CDRH at UNL. I like bike riding, pets, climbing, and reading. I live in Lincoln, Nebraska. This space is a work in progress.


Lincolnite.net is a mastodon powered social media site for residents of Lincoln, Nebraska. I currently run this but am looking for collaborators. You can find me at @nirak@lincolnite.net.


A mastodon instance for Nebraska residents and friends. You can find me at @nirak@carhenge.club.


A mastodon instance run by the folks at Humanities Commons for humanists, broadly defined. You can find me at @nirak@hcommons.social.


I no longer use Twitter but have not deleted my account. If it gets suspended and anyone else is posting as @nirak, it's not me.

You can email me at karin@nirak.net.