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Zotero- First Look

Dan Cohen was nice enough to send me an invite for the private beta test for Zotero. So far, I’m really excited and really impressed, despite the fact that some stuff didn’t work for me. What did work: Import from … Continue reading

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the life cycle of art and writing

There’s a definite life cycle to art and writing, and surprisingly, the stages are very similar. I had always thought of these fields as so different, but I realize more and more that they are mostly alike. The phases one … Continue reading

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Why don't more people blog?

I try to understand why people are afraid of the blog. Continue reading

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Armchair Websurfing

I have a bunch of blogs I want to read all the way through- but when it’s been going for 2 years, that’s a *lot* of posts. And I’m sitting close to my computer all day at work, I don’t … Continue reading

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Do you get excited about web tools?

To be released soon: a Firefox plugin that will allow for easy citation, saving, and exportation of references. I can’t wait! Continue reading

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"Coming Home" by Enrique Martinez Celaya – a write up

A review of “Coming Home,” an exhibition by Enrique Martinez Celaya at the Sheldon Art Museum through October 29, 2006. Continue reading

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