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Happy day.

So, in the end, I finished at #10 in the blogging competition. I get $100. Hey, it’s nothing to sneeze at. :) I think the best part of this whole thing- ok, two best parts. One was contacting people I … Continue reading

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Thank you thank you!

4 days left in the blogging scholarship competition, and it looks like I don’t have a prayer. It doesn’t really bother me- as they say, it’s an honor just to be chosen, and hey, I’m in the top half. Make … Continue reading

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Am I the only one that likes library school?

I read with interest Nicole and Jennifer‘s thoughts about library school. I’m a little less than halfway through my program, so I can’t offer the same insights. In general, everyone is in agreement about the convenience of online classes. I … Continue reading

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I have not dipped below 400 items in Google Reader in weeks. I find this makes me read a little faster, in search of the ever elusive zero (usually, when I reach zero, I finally getting around to un-subscribing to … Continue reading

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On blogging

With the blogging scholarship competition, I have been questioning why I blog (yeah, again.) It’s really sort of an odd activity, especially when you think about it on a huge scale. I was at a talk by Chuck Klosterman once, … Continue reading

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Good news and great news

These last two weeks have been exciting (and hard) for me. At work, the CDRH just finished hosting a TEI workshop given by Syd Bauman and Julia Flanders. After that, we held the 2nd Annual Nebraska Digital Workshop. It was … Continue reading

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Shameless self promotion – Blogging Scholarship finalist

I have been chosen as a finalist in‘s blogging scholarship- which means I’m up for a $10,000 scholarship. I’m the only library blogger on the list. The finalists are listed on this page, and you can vote on this … Continue reading

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Zotero proselytizing

I’ve been reading a lot of posts about Zotero lately, most recently this one at ACRLog, which brings up an issue I have not given voice to yet- I don’t talk about Zotero too much at work because we subscribe … Continue reading

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