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I hate saying goodbye

My library buddy Heather Kline is leaving tomorrow to find her fortune in New Mexico. I went with Heather to the Mountain Plains Library Association conference in Albuquerque this past March, and we had a lot of fun (though that’s … Continue reading

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I have my mom (or maybe a slightly nutty Uncle) to thank for my name- Karin as opposed to Karen Dalziel. It’s nice, because if you look up my name in Google, the entire first page of results is me! … Continue reading

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Ben Vershbow has a rallying cry for Librarians at if:book: “the people’s card catalog (a thought).” It might be interesting to watch the comments (or contribute!).

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Microsoft Surface  just looks cool (if somewhat limited at this point). People have been waiting for this since Jeff Han’s TED talk began circulating around the web. And to think I was impressed by the  touchscreen computer at Best Buy.

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More house stuff… the view.

So one thing about the replanting in the front is that now anyone can walk up to our front windows. I had not anticipated how much this would bother me. This is the front before and after: It looks much … Continue reading

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Which should I use, a blog or a wiki?

After our presentation, someone (I can’t remember who!) asked the question “I’m starting a project, which should I use: A blog or a wiki?” The questions kind of took me aback, and I’m afraid I answered rather ineptly. To me, … Continue reading

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Quotes about institutional repositories

Dorothea at Caveat Lector pointed out an article I never would have read otherwise in “OCLC Systems & Services” 23:2 by Paul Royster, who works at UNL right down the hall from me. The article contains the following quote, which … Continue reading

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Interface and things that DO work on Linux.

I had a previous aside post about the fact that and Yahoo mail don’t work on Linux anymore, but I forgot to mention one of my biggest pet peeves- (In particular the conference videos). It’s not just Educause- … Continue reading

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What do people have against sweaters/cardigans? I have heard several people express the opinion that a sweater is not appropriate professional attire. I think it depends on the sweater. I have many sweaters- it’s a necessity when you’re never quite … Continue reading

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Anyone out there with copyright advice for this poor girl? (esp. international copyright)

I just read about Flickr user Lara Jade‘s self portrait being stolen. That’s bad enough, but it was used for the cover of a porn movie! She took the self portrait when she was 14. (She’s now 17) Here’s a … Continue reading

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