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Moooooo cards!

I finally broke down and ordered some moo cards. 100 different designs- a mix of photos, sketches drawings and paintings. If you want one, leave a note on flickr and claim it. The process of making moo cards was quite … Continue reading

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A while ago, the Institute for the Future of the Book told readers of their blog that they would be working on a theme for WordPress that will allow comments on individual paragraphs. Well, it’s out, and it looks amazing! … Continue reading

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Breaking the cycle – Libraries and their websites.

In the “Do Libraries Innovate” debate at ALA, one of the points that Stephen Abram brought up (about 11 minutes in, if you want to listen to the podcast) is that libraries are terrible at relaying our successes. We have … Continue reading

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Screencast: Using Drag de Go to search Woldcat

Ok, here’s my very first screencast. It only took about 2000 takes – I sure hope it gets easier. Links from the webcast: Firefox Drag de Go Add to Search Bar Please tell me what you think!

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And you thought WebCT was bad

In my collaborative learning class, the current assignment takes place in a 3D world. Cool, huh? Except the world is buggy, slow moving, and did I mention buggy? We’re supposed to post stories, and then work in groups to evaluate … Continue reading

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More on Library Job Stuff

I’m happy to send out a big congratulations to Heather on her new job. It sounds super drool-worthy, and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t jealous. I have been thinking and rethinking my contrary post from the other … Continue reading

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I'm writing this post to avoid doing homework

It’s been really interesting reading everyone’s reactions to the summertime grad student blues. Mark’s reply to my post made a lot of sense- “I wonder how much being a student accounts for some of this trend to overextend ourselves?” … … Continue reading

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Finding balance, doing too much, etc.

Heather has a nice post congratulating me over at her blog. I said in the comments that my deep dark secret is- I’m exhausted. Considering the burnout I’m feeling right now from just one class (albeit a fairly intensive class) … Continue reading

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Collaborative learning and a lack of time.

I wouldn’t be at all surprised if I don’t post a lot in the next 4 weeks. Then again, I wouldn’t be surprised if I post a lot either.   My Computer Supported Collaborative Learning class is off to a … Continue reading

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My article, The satellites in the farmland: a visit to SCOLA has been published in the Nebraska Library Association Quarterly. I’m working on a few other articles, so I hope to have more news like this soon. :)

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