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The importance of tinkerable computers

When it comes to computers, I was lucky to have a mother who was technically oriented and excited about technology. We got our first computer when I was very young- of course, it was command line only, and to do … Continue reading

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Adding creative commons and free resources to library collections

Week before last on Uncontrolled Vocabulary, we (I use the term “we” loosely, since I lost microphone during the broadcast and could only chat) discussed Lawrence Lessig’s post about the Creative Commons licensing of his book “The Future of Ideas.” … Continue reading

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OLPC is good for learning

Journal, Sugar’s file management system We have been using the same tired old metaphors for computers for a long time. I look at my computer with its desktop metaphor (clean at work, cluttered at home, as in real life) and … Continue reading

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On Presenting

I presented on Zotero and RefWorks today. I think it went well (at least, people told me it did) and I had a lot of fun. I tried to add a little humor this time. -not sure how it went. … Continue reading

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Upcoming presentations

Zotero and RefWorks: It doesn’t have to be either/or Tomorrow (January 23) I am giving a brown bag at my work about Zotero and RefWorks. I’m comparing the two citation management systems, and trying to make a case for supporting … Continue reading

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I don’t talk about my job very often here. I’m not sure exactly why that is. Part of it, I’m sure, is that I worry that I don’t possess the political acumen to know what is and what is not … Continue reading

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Album cover meme

I didn’t actually get tagged for this, but I saw it on the blog humachine, and it looks like fun. I added a step 4 to go with step three, so that I could use use a Creative Commons licensed … Continue reading

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Winter blahs

A big thanks to my husband for correcting my previous entry. I shouldn’t post late at night. This is me. At home. See, I’m COLD. And I realize my glasses are a tad too big. As you may or may … Continue reading

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