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V for Vendetta, Information Literacy, and the future

This is also my last assignment of the semester. Woo! The following is a post I made for class (on blackboard, of course, so I can’t link to it here). We were assigned to watch and post about V for … Continue reading

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I love L.A.

Why is everyone so down on Anaheim? When I think of Anaheim I think of the L.A. County Museum of Art (oh, how I miss my LACMA pass), Corona Del Mar, Hollywood Blvd. (best place for people watching EVER- plus … Continue reading

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Optimizing your YouTube videos (it doesn't have to be underhanded)

Dan Greenburg, co-founder of a viral video marketing company, shared “The Secret Strategies Behind Many “Viral” Videos” on TechCrunch. His post stirred a lot of controversy and hatred in the comments because of his techniques- he clarified later, saying that … Continue reading

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The other show about librarians

I watched the first episode of the Librarians on the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s website, but since then, I can’t get the videos to stream. To bad for me. But today, I came across another show about librarians. Joy! And it’s … Continue reading

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Another quick post on Kindle

Stephen Abram posted about the Kindle, noting that most of the people writing about the Kindle (in the library world, mostly negatively) have not held the thing. It’s a fair point. After all, we wouldn’t want people criticizing the library … Continue reading

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I read, you read, we all read for e-readers!

I apologize once more for the cruddy title. I don’t usually do memes, but the release of the Kindle from and the subsequent discussion are just too much to resist. Design Once upon a time, design wasn’t important for … Continue reading

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I did it.

I couldn’t help it. ccgd. (2007). OLPC – Mesh Network testing. Retrieved November 17, 2007, from (citation generated with Zotero, using the new ability to capture citation information from Flickr.)

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Presentation ideas

I want to do some presentations, and I have some ideas. I’m going to work on them over Christmas break, so that I have something I can pull out at the last minute if needed. Here are a few ideas- … Continue reading

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More thoughts on Zotero and proselytizing

I wrote previously about Zotero proselytizing, and I think my choice of words was somewhat unfortunate. Some have seemed to take the term “proselytizing” in a negative light, while I didn’t mean it negatively. I also said that I feel … Continue reading

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Just a note to those of you in Nebraska who like Anime and have $35 to spend on a conference: My husband and I will be attending some of the festivities of Anime NebrasKon 2007 this Friday, Saturday and Sunday … Continue reading

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