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Charting a course…

(That title is a real groaner. sorry.) The Young Librarian recently had a post over at her blog about what she felt core competencies for library students should be. I agree with her completely that no one should get out … Continue reading

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Sunrise on the drive to school

These are pictures from my 6:30 AM drive to school yesterday. Yes, I took pictures while in the car. I didn’t look at the camera while taking pictures, though- just held up the camera and hit the button a bunch … Continue reading

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Doodles from class

I can’t seem to just let my hands sit still while in class. So I doodle. I hope my teacher does not take it as a slight against her- I find that when I doodle, my mind tends to wander … Continue reading

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Request for funny reference stories – video, audio, or text

So I’m in this class where we’ll be making an instructional video as the final project. Before that, though, we are supposed to bring in some video clips to practice with. I thought it might be fun to try something … Continue reading

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Cooking with Karin

I made yummy almond cookies tonight. And then ate too many- now I have a tummyache. I never was much of a cook. One of my coworkers, Stephen Ramsay, posted a bit ago about the art of cooking: he recommended … Continue reading

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Creating the will to participate. (A disjointed entry)

I’m sort of envious of people that have a drive to write. Me, don’t like it much. It’s not the ideas so much- I love to talk- it’s the organization and typing and making sure all my sources are documented … Continue reading

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The power of saying yes

Without really thinking about it, I have started to search out opposing viewpoints whenever I read something. So after reading Getting Things Done by David Allen- the organization manifesto that has spawned a cult like following, I read A perfect … Continue reading

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Got the moo cards!

They’re here, and they’re beautiful. If you asked for one, it’s on the way. A few were a little dark, I’ll brighten for the next batch (and there will be a next batch.) If anyone ever wants to get me … Continue reading

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Recess! (adults only)

Tomorrow (Wed, August 8th) at Noon a bunch of us will head out to “Starship Memorial Adult Playground (aka the ugly parking lot at 14th and Q)” for a little recess. (Thanks to for starting this!) Read the announcement … Continue reading

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End of class reflection – Computer Supported Collaborative Learning

I was going to write this post anyway, but as it turns out, it’s the final assignment for the class to write a personal reflection. Bonus! I only took one class this summer, but it was a doozy. The entire … Continue reading

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