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THAT Camp, Day 1

Finally back for good in my hotel after day 1 of THAT Camp. I am exhausted and energized at the same time. The organizers have brought together an absolutely amazing group of people, and I am humbled by the sheer … Continue reading

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Alternative search, part 2: Analyzing a document

Analyzing the metadata in a document is a fairly straightforward process. However, analyzing the document itself is a little messier. Document analysis is nothing new- people have been programming computers to refine full text analysis since the days when full … Continue reading

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Alternative search methods

The field of information storage and retrieval concentrates heavily on mathematic formulas for ideal retrieval, and while this is really fascinating (and way over my head) I am also interested in new methods that have been developed for information retrieval … Continue reading

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A few final words on Digital Humanities and Art History before I move on

Thanks to everyone who commented on my previous two posts. I’m still working these things out in my head, and am speaking from a very limited (and naive) perspective of only a handful of institutions and projects that I have … Continue reading

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More Thoughts on Digital Humanities and Fine Arts

After more thought about the previous post, I think my question is: Should digital humanities centers take it upon themselves to encourage fine art and art history faculty to create digital projects? That would probably involve searching for funding from … Continue reading

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Digital Humanities and Fine Arts

With THAT Camp quickly approaching, I have been thinking about digital humanities quite a bit. For those that don’t know, digital humanities is a cross disciplinary field that helps explore the humanities through digital exploration. That might mean anything from … Continue reading

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So you want to learn to program

I have had “learn to program” on my list of stuff to do for years. It’s always “after I do this…” But! There is a great new resource created by the fabulous William J. Turkel & Alan MacEachern called the … Continue reading

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