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Does quoting scholarly journals make something less authoritative?

The title is, of course, supposed to ruffle some feathers. I was reading reviews on the book “Eat to Live: The Revolutionary Formula for Fast and Sustained Weight Loss” and found this comment: “Fuhrman does cite many scientific journal articles, … Continue reading

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Cool stuff in Lincoln, Nebraska

Just a random collection of cool stuff where I live. OLPC’s for Lincoln Schools The Cooper Foundation, a local grant giving institution, has given a grant to buy XO laptops in Lincoln Schools. “President Art Thompson said the final grant … Continue reading

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Initial thoughts about the OLPC

I’ve had my OLPC for about 24 hours now, so I’m going to post some initial thoughts. I’m sure I’ll have plenty more to say later. First, I am so very happy with the purchase. It is, indeed, a machine … Continue reading

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Zotero Sharing

When I talk about RefWorks and Zotero, the one feature mentioned that RefWorks can do and Zotero can’t is sharing. Right now, the only way to share materials in Zotero is to export and re-import. Even this has some major … Continue reading

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Design for Librarians – video

I meant to post this before, but, well, I didn’t. This is the video I created for my Library Use Instruction class. I wish I could link to my classmate’s tutorials, because they were very good. Design video from karindalziel … Continue reading

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It seems every few months another wave of posts about whether  people are reading enough starts (the latest, I think, was prompted by the Kindle’s release). I came across this quote by Albert Einstein (attr., can’t figure out where the … Continue reading

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Goals for break

I’m more or less done with classes now (a few postings here and there, but other than that, done.) I look forward to almost a month and a half off school. I also have the week off between Christmas and … Continue reading

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