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ALA Video

Here’s a video from my trip to Washington. I tried to use Vimeo, but it failed.

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Over at Neil Gaiman’s Journal, he is having his daughter, Maddy Gaiman, guest post. I’m enjoying these posts immensely, and keep saying to myself “I can’t believe she’s 12!”

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I’ve been avoiding mailing lists for a long time because… well… I sorta hate them. I don’t find them to be a particurally useful way to communicate.  However! Now that I have Gmail and can assign labels on the fly … Continue reading

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Marketing in Libraries – It's the People

I promised to post more about marketing in libraries before, but then I got caught up in ALA preparations. So here’s some more thoughts on the subject. (Photo of kids in a school library from flickr user Bombardier) In the … Continue reading

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Funding from major agencies and social sharing sites

I went to a meeting yesterday where we talked to an independent researcher about his project. This guy has over 60 hours of good quality interviews that he’s like to create a documentary and web site with. He’s been funding … Continue reading

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ALA Recap – overview

Back from ALA and feelin’ tired. I don’t know how people (my boss, the Dean of our library) do so much traveling. I’m told you “get used to it” – but I’m not entirely convinced. Anyway, tiredness aside, it was … Continue reading

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Is it possible to over plan?

I’ve been light on posting for a couple of weeks- in part because I am getting over some sort of sleeping sickness, and in part because I am planning my trip to ALA Annual. Tonight I have to pack, but … Continue reading

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I had the joy of trying to explain to someone that I’m going to a librarian conference the other day. The response? “Oh, that will be exciting! shhhhhh!” In the beginning I didn’t mind the shushing jokes, but they’re starting … Continue reading

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If I knew then what I know now…

I didn’t do enough research when I bought my plane tickets. I’m flying out of Lincoln because 1) it was cheapest (!) and 2) because Geoff can drop me off and pick me up from the airport, saving me the … Continue reading

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I looked at my feedburner stats this morning and it appears the Google reader feeds have been dropped. Last week, it was bloglines. The bloglines ones got added back, so I assume the Google reader ones will too. I’m guessing … Continue reading

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